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Dynello Spaceball™

Dynello Spaceball™

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  • Throw the ball. Pull the lashing strap over.
  • An ergonomic aid. Easy on your shoulders.
  • Natural rubber that doesn't scratch your truck/trailer

Dynello Spaceball™ is for those who have difficulty throwing heavy lashings. Whether it's over tall trucks, in windy conditions or through tight spaces. With Dynello Spaceball™ you can throw accurately and minimise the stress on your shoulder/back when throwing, due to the low weight of just 225g.

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Dynello Spaceball™ is especially good for those with a bad shoulder. The low weight makes it easier to throw than heavy lashings. Use it for high trucks and for throwing through small spaces in a full curtain trailer.

Dynello Spaceball™ is made of soft natural rubber. A safe alternative to the metal hook of the lashing when you need some counterweight in strong headwinds.

The tool consists of a natural rubber ball, 9 metres of paracord and a carabiner. The ball is designed to fit the Dynello Rewinder shaft, so it's easy to wind the cord onto the ball after use. The weight of the ball is the same as the metal hook, so it acts as a good alternative to the hook as a counterweight.


  • Simply attach the string to the strap hook.
  • Throw the ball over the load.
  • Pull the loose lashing strap over the load and attach the strap-hook.
  • Roll-up the string on Dynello Spaceball™ a with dynello strap winder.
  • Repeat for next strap


  • Use: For all types of load-secure applications
  • Use, temperature: n/a
  • String, length: 9m
  • String, type: Paracord 550 Type III, Ø3,8mm
  • String, breaking force: 249 kg (550 lbs)
  • Material, spaceball: Natural rubber / latex
  • Packaging: Recycled cardboard
  • Weight (spaceball): 225g
  • Weight (box as delivered): 450g
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