Person holding a dynello 1clip for ratchet strap storage

How to use Dynello Clip (video)

Tangled lashing straps have caused many headaches since its invention.

Fortunately a promising solution have reached the market. Now organised storage of lashing straps is no longer impossible.

Dynello 1Clip (now Dynello Clip™ 50mm 8-Pack) has many benefits compared to its predecessors among others:

  • Durable and works with new, worn, dirty and wet lashing straps
  • Lasts longer than the lashing strap itself
  • Mount on the strap with your workgloves on
  • Use again and again

Store your straps like a pro

The blue clip has a strong grip.

This is good!

Because, you can hang up your straps in the metal hook.

But you may need a little advice to take it off.

Jens will in this video spill all the secrets of the blue clip. Make sure to watch the video where he will tell you about:

  • How to 'knock' the clip onto your strap.
  • How remove the clip just as easily.

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